Patient Reviews

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– Dr. Chris Keirnan


I sought chiropractic care in order to improve my posture. With Advanced Spine in the Cherry Creek neighborhood in Denver, CO, my forward head posture improved 50% in a few months! My posture continues to improve, and I feel much healthier. Dr. Keirnan is knowledgeable, helpful, and encouraging.



Posture correction for long-term good health. Dr. Keirnan partners with his clients in providing quality health care. He uses adjustments, traction, icing and exercises performed by the patient to correct posture permanently. Nothing is guesswork as he starts with a baseline X-Ray to analyze posture and checks progress later with X-Rays. He also educates clients in nutrition choices and how chiropractic care activates the immune system. He participates in continuing chiropractic education to keep his skills current. He is conveniently located off Cherry Creek Drive North and Colorado Boulevard just south of Cherry Creek Shopping area. He schedules adjustment appointments accurately so there is no waiting and one can fit an appointment into a busy day. I highly recommend his practice for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Dr. Chris Keirnan is truly talented in what he does. My overall health and well-being have improved greatly since I started seeing him on a regular basis. I no longer get sick, have headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, and my digestive problems have disappeared. I LOVE THIS COMPANY! The staff is always friendly and helpful, rates are affordable, and the whole atmosphere is reprieve from everyday life. I have had bad experiences at other “rack’em and crack’em” chiropractors before and this is nothing like that. He educated you as to why the treatment he has designed for you is effective, and WHY. After every adjustment i feel refreshed and healthy. Couldn’t be happier!



I am thrilled to have found Advanced Spine Rehab Center. Starting to feel reduced pain, more freedom of movement and with their support of GoPrimal Health Plan a chance for a significant better quality of life. Great people to have in your corner when trying to improve your life!

Samantha K.


Advanced Spine Rehab Center is cutting edge! Dr. Chris Keirnan, is the most innovative Chiropractor on the scene today. He is always pushing the envelope, constantly striving to provide his patients with the most up to date chiropractic techniques and Bio-mechanics. You won’t have to worry about being twisted or jerked by Dr, Keirnan, he uses a “drop table” which put less stress on your body and joints. In addition ASRC promotes a vigorous nutrition, diet, and fitness program. I have been treating with them for nearly three years. Since then have experienced relief from neck and back pain, improved posture and better mobility. If your suffering back and neck problems or not feeling well, don’t just see a chiropractor. See Dr. Keirnan!!

Gerry S.